Dr Saffir Poughkeepsie work injury doctorDr. Jeffrey Saffir here. Whether you have a new or old work injury, I can help.

Not only do work injuries affect your performance on the job, they can also affect your life outside of work as well. A work injury can have long-lasting ramifications, especially if it is not treated properly and carefully. In fact, if you have a work injury that is not being treated correctly, you can make that injury much worse.

I have helped many people in my Poughkeepsie office, and I am confident that I can successfully treat your work injury as well. But keep in mind: Chiropractic care is an ongoing process that requires the patient to take part in their own treatment. At my office, we will devise an exercise program that will go along with your professional adjustments and treatments.

Don’t spend another minute suffering with the pain and discomfort of your work injury. See me, Dr. Jeffrey Saffir, at my office conveniently located at 3 Neptune Road.

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