Dr Saffir Poughkeepsie wrist doctorDr. Jeffrey Saffir here to talk to you today about carpal tunnel syndrome and how you can find relief from this painful condition.

After traditional treatments fail, which may include medications and surgery, and you are still having pain and are unable to function as you desire, it may be time to try chiropractic as an alternative.

What Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

There is a bundle of nerves that runs through the wrist, which can become compressed and painful. These compressed nerves can lead to tingling in the hands and fingers and to pain that can be completely unbearable.

As a chiropractor, I specialize in treatment of the problems caused by carpal tunnel syndrome and can help you not only to learn to manage your overall pain, but in many cases, to eliminate that pain completely.

You Can Be Pain Free

I have treated patients who are in the early stages of carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as those who have been dealing with the condition for many years without relief. If you live in the Poughkeepsie area and have carpal tunnel syndrome, no matter whether it is mild or severe, there is no need to suffer any more.

If you’re ready to be free from the pain, see me, Dr. Jeffrey Saffir, at my office conveniently located at 3 Neptune Road. I have the knowledge and expertise to relieve your hand and wrist pain permanently.

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