Dr. Saffir Poughkeepsie ChiropractorDr. Jeffrey Saffir here to talk to residents in the Poughkeepsie area today about high blood pressure.

When you are not receiving the support that you need from your medications or are continuing to have problems with blood pressure, it is time to schedule an appointment at my office.

Blood pressure can be a serious condition and can be even more serious if it is a symptom of another condition. For instance, when high blood pressure is caused by or related to kidney disease, your life can be at stake. Additionally, blood pressure, especially when not controlled correctly, can cause heart attacks or stroke.

Here in my Poughkeepsie office, I deal with blood pressure problems that are caused by a number of reasons, and I know that traditional medications can be dangerous, often with side effects that may be more frightening than dealing with the blood pressure itself.

Why not stop by my office, conveniently located at 3 Neptune Road, so we can talk about your specific concerns?

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