Before and After

These people are all standing relaxed before their first treatment and during care with the PFB Treatment. The instructions before every picture are: Breathe in, breathe out and let your body relax and slump.

“I had two herniated disc’s, two bulging discs and was completely hunched over. I was uncomfortable and couldn’t do anything without pain. I’ve been here for five visits and feel so much better, I can do much more without pain.”

Al K

“I suffered from headaches and migraines. I assumed that it was due to allergies because it happened every year but after a week of seeing Dr. Saffir they started going away. I was so surprised. Even my sinus congestion was gone. My head no longer has a cloudy feeling. I’m so grateful”

Ariana B

“Unbelievable! I was completely off-balance before I came into see Dr. Saffir. My balance improved after my first visit, again unbelievable! I can’t wait for my second visit to see what else is corrected! At the age of seventeen I have already been to over twenty Doctors. I thought that I just had to deal with what was wrong and learn to accept it. Now I know that there is always a way to fix a problem. I am so happy to start feeling normal!”

Bernadette Walsh S

“I feel stronger and straighter. I don’t have the fatigue, aches and pains. I can take walks which were difficult before. I can workout, which I couldn’t do before without worrying about being laid out on the couch in pain. I’m happier and I look better.”

Dina M

“Dr. Saffir is a nice person and is very friendly but most of all he knows what he is doing. Over the past few days I have been more alert! Oddly enough I am speaking more clearly and feeling myself. The hand that I once couldn’t use I now can use. I am happier now.”

Grecia M

“I praise the Lord and thank Dr. Saffir for so faithfully developing his God given ability, talent and knowledge to be able to serve others in need of structural correction.”

Marilyn B

“From the moment he touched me, I began to feel relief! I only wish I met Dr. Saffir eleven years ago (before my three back surgeries). I am a new man now. I am able to play with my kids with no problems at all. I’m sure they would love to thank Dr. Saffir as well. (Everyone should have a Dr. Saffir!)”

Scott J

“Since I have been coming to Dr. Saffir, I can run faster, I feel lighter and my body is straighter.”

P.J. M

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