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Dr. Jeffrey Saffir is not your conventional Chiropractor. He does not crack backs; he facilitates the process that naturally untwists your spine back into shape with the PFB treatment, improving overall health and body function. Unfulfilled by following the norms of traditional chiropractic medicine, Dr. Saffir embarked on a new path; one that truly follows the natural mechanical rules of the spine without the use of electric stimulators, surgery or medication for quick-fixes to back pain and body pain.

Prior to his journey to find the optimal treatment for the The Pain Free Body℠, Dr. Saffir became extremely ill with a severe case of vertigo. For almost a full year in 1999 he was dizzy, faint and off balance. Neither conventional chiropractic nor medicine brought him relief and he like many, began to feel like there was no solution. It was then that structural correction found him. This exceptionally rare practice was developed in the 80’s. After seeing the results first hand, Dr. Saffir made it his mission to master this breakthrough practice and help others with back and body pain, especially those on the unpromising path to surgery and dangerous medications. If he never got sick, he may have never discovered and practiced this life changing approach. Things definitely happen for a reason.

His worldly experience compliments his credentials from Life University in Marietta, GA and his advanced training is concentrated in the fields of Spinal Biomechanics and Nutritional Counseling. Dr. Saffir of Dutchess county has been sharing his experience and expertise from his welcoming office based in Poughkeepsie, New York. Making a difference, one that you can see and feel, is what separates Dr. Saffir from traditional chiropractors.

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