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“What is the purpose of this website and why should you read all of the information?”

The reason for this website is so that I am able to separate fact from myth, explain what most traditional chiropractors offer in the way of care, and provide some insight as to what we do here at The Pain Free Body.

Let’s face it, my profession at times has a suspicious reputation at best. When someone finds out I am a chiropractor, I usually hear one of three responses:

  1. It works, I really believe in you guys.
  2. I really don’t know if it did anything for me (a nice way of saying it didn’t work).
  3. It made me worse, I am never going to one of you guys again.

The reason I hear all of these responses from people is because what the profession does as a whole is not consistent or predictable as far as results or treatment. There is no standard. You can walk into 10 different offices and have 10 different opinions and experiences. Please understand that this is not a knock on any chiropractor personally. There are many good docs who are doing the best with what they know and understand. It comes down to the system.

None of what I do is based on my opinion. It is not based on what I think, what I like or what I don’t like. It is based on observation. I tell my patients not to take my word for anything. Don’t just trust me. Find out for yourself if what I say is true or not. There is a great deal of information on this site. Please read and digest it all before you decide if what I say makes sense. Doctor means “teacher” and if I accomplish nothing else with this site but give you a better understanding of how your body breaks down and how you can change it, then I feel I’ve done my job.

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